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Finding a Franchise is Easy… Finding the RIGHT ONE for YOU is Not!

The franchises most likely to help you achieve your goals will have certain things in common. If you do not know what these are you could make the wrong decision. This is something you will want to try and avoid.

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Are you…

  • At a crossroads and considering your options?

  • Sick of being an employee and ready to step up to Be The Boss?

  • Concerned about job security and want more control?

  • Looking for a solid business investment that grows alongside your full-time job or career?

  • Or somewhere in between?

If you are considering buying a franchise, my exclusive information and experience could be of tremendous value to you. I am not a sales rep, nor am I associated with any short, random list of franchisors; Rather, I’m a Franchise Consultant with 30 years in the industry, and I’ve owned 4 businesses myself so I know the impact these decisions can have on you.

Since becoming a Franchise Consultant, I’ve placed hundreds of different individuals into hundreds of unique and profitable franchise systems, coast-to-coast. I am here to aid you in an informed, insightful franchise review so that you make the right choice for you, on your timeline, from your position of strength and with your priorities in mind.

Though franchising may or may not be for you, it might make sense for you to find out. If you’ve found yourself considering a franchise opportunity, my insights and access to non-public information can save you frustration, time, and money.  You can now schedule a free call with me and let me help you to better learn your options by giving me a call or using the form.

Want to know the best part?  My services will cost you nothing. When we place you at the appropriate franchise, the Franchisor will compensate me. A True Win-Win For All!

“Matt is a pro consultant and advisor”

Matt is a pro consultant and advisor who will get to know your personality, business strengths, and objectives to help you on the path to finding the right opportunity for you.

Philip D, Former Administrator for payouts to victims of Hurricane Sandy

New York

“…trust Matt with the heavy lifting”

Where to start with Matt - so many positives, so many praises. Matt was an absolute Godsend - from our first conversation to three months into our successful franchise (today), Matt has remained a loyal friend, trusted advisor and invaluable reference. If you are even contemplating starting a franchise, do yourself a giant favor and speak with Matt. By far the best decision we made in the process was to trust Matt with the heavy lifting and to actually listen to his insights. He was spot-on during every step in the process, and he transformed the daunting task of finding the right franchise from a fishing expedition in Hades into a focused, well-lit stroll through [the] park. Matt expertly guided us around the pitfalls and found us the perfect fit, and we can't thank him enough. Give Matt a call - you will be glad you did.

Michael & Sarah

Lexington, KY

“… we’ve had to upscale… to accommodate our rapid growth”

We trained in January, had our Grand Opening the first week of February, had our first customer in 2 weeks, and we’ve been enjoying income ever since. It’s been a tremendous start-up. We planned for 2 customers in February; we had 6. We budgeted for 4 customers in March; we had 20. We’re crushing our original business P&L, and we’ve had to upscale our entire business plan to accommodate our rapid growth. This is a great business, and a great franchisor. Thank You!


Nashville, TN

Matt truly cares about his candidates

I was fortunate to get connected with Matt while exploring franchise opportunities. Matt truly cares about his [candidates] and wants nothing more than to make the best match for them. This includes finding the right-fit franchise or perhaps no franchise ownership at all. His process is clear and thorough. He sets very clear expectations upfront and holds your hand through the entire process. He’s always available to answer questions with honesty, integrity, candor, and often humor. His no-pressure approach is refreshing and encouraging. I would highly recommend working with Matt if you have any interest whatsoever in exploring franchise opportunities.

Tim, Teacher and Adjunct Professor

Richmond, VA

I would highly recommend Matt and would refer him to anyone.

Matt is one of the most genuine guys that I have ever worked with. On the personal side, he is an extremely like able person who considers your best interest before anything else. On the business side, the words professional and trustworthy can't describe enough how he conducts his business. I would highly recommend Matt and would refer him to anyone. I hope to work with him again in the future.

Rick & Cindy, Healthcare Sales, Entrepreneurs


Matt will be a lifelong contact for us

My wife and I were new to franchises, and we couldn't be happier with the way Matt carefully and thoughtfully guided us through the selection, research and signing process. Matt has more knowledge of this process then we could have possibly imagined. We would highly recommend working with Matt. He was a constant voice of reason, helping us make our own decisions while providing all the information we needed to do so. We have continued to have discussions with Matt about business ownership in general, and he has kindly offered valuable insight during each talk. Matt will be a lifelong contact for us.

Chris, Plant Manager

Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Matt gave me the courage and vision…

I first spoke with Matt years ago when I was at a turning point in my career.  I had been working for a Fortune 100 Financial services company and had just been promoted to Associate Vice President.  Somehow though, that was not really fulfilling.  I knew that I was ready for a change.  Matt spent a lot of time learning about me, my past and what I thought I wanted to do in the future. He did his research and called me back shortly thereafter with a handful of very specific franchise ideas that were very appealing to me.  Matt's conversation gave me the courage and vision to actually leave that Fortune 100 Company and try something else that I had wanted to do for some time.  Thanks to Matt for helping me to think beyond what I thought I would ever do….  He has maintained contact with me and is a constant source of inspiration.

I encourage you to at least go through the process... you just never know how it might change your life.

John, Fortune 100 Executive


You had a really well-structured program

Thanks again for all your help. You had a really well-structured program to get me to this point fairly quickly. I probably would have taken a year plus to try and do it on my own. [Together, we did it in 9 weeks.]

Shahzad, M&A and Arbitrage Professional


I would absolutely recommend Matt to anyone looking to buy a franchise

I have nothing but praise and thanks for the way Matt guided me through my franchise purchase. From the start, Matt impressed me with his honesty and informative processes, and he continued to wow me with his enthusiasm, integrity, professionalism and sense of urgency throughout. He played an integral part in not only my decisions, but even in creating opportunities that would fit my interests and abilities. Matt then followed along with me every step of the way, always providing assistance and feedback where appropriate, up to and well after the final sale.

Gary, Sr. Merchandise Planner

Columbus, OH

You did an awesome job for us

You’ve done an awesome job for my father and I. After speaking with franchisors for many months, we would never have considered our franchise without your thoughts and insights. We really couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much!

Elliot & David, Healthcare Sales Mgr. and Retiree

Phoenix, AZ

We can’t thank you enough.

When we first started considering Franchising, I thought it looked great on the surface, but I knew there was much more to it. You were exceptional in providing us with access to information we simply weren’t going to find on our own. Going down the stretch we became very nervous and we called you. You brought things into perspective, had us ask ourselves some questions, and we’ve never looked back. Who could have guessed that we would be the #1 franchisee in the system within five years and among the top within all service franchises within just a decade.

Charlie & Mark, Gen. Mgrs for National Grocery Chain

Indianapolis, IN

Thank you for introducing us to the concept

It’s been a journey [and] my wife and I just opened our 1st [location]. We were 100% [booked] prior to opening. I want to thank you for introducing us to the concept (THANK YOU). I also want to share with you the email address of [my buddy from college]. Thanks again for all the support.

Brad, Engineering Executive

Atlanta, GA

Your professionalism stands out dramatically

At a time when people have completely lost their ability to be kind, decent, and gracious, your professionalism stands out dramatically.  Thank You for all of your time and effort on my behalf.

Karen, Entrepreneur



YOU MUST CALL MATT Whether you are experienced in franchises, or new to the game, Matt's professionalism, knowledge, and experience will leave you in a better place, regardless of whether a franchise is (or is not) for you. Can't say enough! Thank you, Matt!

Vince, Executive Sales Mgr.

Akron/Canton, OH

Nailed **it!

Matt really nailed **it!

Mallory, Program Mgr.

Tampa, FL

There are several thousand franchisors in nearly 100 industries. So you should be asking…

  • Where should you begin looking?

  • Which ones are still available to partner with locally?

  • What are the real investment levels?

  • What incomes are franchisees making, and when?

  • What financing makes it possible?

  • Which ones have satisfied franchisees?

Getting these truthful answers can be hard on your own.

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The franchises most suitable to your skills, investment, lifestyle and goals won’t be obvious to you, and they won’t call you out of the blue. You’ll find yourself chasing profit and operations information that is hidden, difficult to obtain, or is unaudited. How can you know?

That is why I am here. To help guide you through this challenging process.  Now it’s your turn to give me a call at (614) 595-3726 (FRAN) or schedule your FREE and CONFIDENTIAL 10-15 minute Consultation with me.

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