Why Choose The Franchise Guy?

Finding your franchise is all about you! Without my being an effective filter and advisor, my time and experience is useless. There are specific, baseline attributes we look for in a franchise. These qualities elevate the likelihood for you to achieve desired outcomes using that franchise.

My role is to prepare you for, and guide you through, the education and discovery process, match you properly with fitting franchise options, and shine a spotlight on the canyon between common perception and reality in the franchise world so that you can judge the merits of any franchise’s specific suitability to you.

The important decisions being made going forward are always yours. Thus, I want to introduce you to the franchise business models that fit your priorities and allow you to live the way you want.

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Gather and Understand


I will personally work with you to understand both your experience and your goals for franchise ownership

Personalized Evaluation Model

I will develop a personalized model designed to help you evaluate the characteristics of the franchisors in relation to your goals

Franchise Selection

Only then will you begin a review of appropriate franchise opportunities most suitable to your objectives

What Can I Do for You?​

So you are considering buying a franchise? That’s great! Just to let you know, I’m not a sales and I’m certainly not associated with any short, random list of franchisors; Rather, I’m a franchise consultant with 30 years in the industry, and I’ve owned four businesses myself. I’ve placed hundreds of people into great franchises in nearly all 50 states. I believe I have the experience and knowledge that can help you make the best choice for you and your situation.

Though franchising may or may not be for you, it might make sense for you to find out the real truths about the franchises available to you. My insights and access to Exclusive, Private Franchise Information can save you hours of frustration, time, and money. Even if we learn quickly that what you’re trying to find simply isn’t available in the franchise world, I will do my best to help.

There are several thousand franchisors in nearly 100 industries.

  • Where should you begin looking?
  • Which ones are still available to partner with locally?
  • What are the real investment levels?
  • What incomes are franchisees making, and when?
  • What franchises aren’t making money, and why? What’s the difference
  • What financing makes it possible?
  • Which ones have satisfied franchisees?
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Yep- This Is Me. Matt, The Franchise Guy!

The first step in the FranChoice process is getting to know you. This is a relationship-based business and industry, and I take pride in making sure everything I do is focused around you. My goal is to find the very best fit for your needs and wants. This starts with an initial conversation with you.

There are thousands of registered franchise companies in the marketplace and more are being added every week. Sorting through this huge collection of franchise opportunities can be time-consuming and confusing. You could spend months looking in general at franchises and you’d still find that most, if not all, just don’t match with what you really want in a business. Or worse yet, you may think you know what you really want in terms of business ownership, but because you’ve never done anything like this, you have not factored in the most important considerations.

Learning how to conduct the right kind of investigation is absolutely vital to ensuring you make the best decision for your personal circumstances. I will engage in a comprehensive process designed to cut through the clutter and help you find the business that perfectly matches up with your goals for business ownership.

I do hope that you will enjoy working with me as your franchise expert, as I hope to learn all about you as I spend some time getting to know you. I’ll gather basic information about you, including learning about your career experience as well as your goals and desires for franchise ownership. This is the first step we will take together as we work towards understanding what you want and need as an entrepreneur.

After your initial conversation, I will send you a link to a Confidential Questionnaire, where you will provide additional information regarding your background, experience, goals, and desired level of financial investment. Once I have a chance to review this I’ll move on to the next exciting step – you’re personal in-depth consultation! So, the first step is the hardest but most important one in the process. Use my form or give me a call and let’s start your journey today!

Since 1988, I’ve been everything from a franchise owner to a Vice President and Partner within a $2B international franchise holding company, and I’ve had 4 businesses myself. From Boston to San Diego and from Seattle to South Beach, I’ve placed over 500 people into hundreds of great franchises in nearly all 50 states.

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I typically work with people who are:

  • At a crossroads and are considering options

  • Concerned about job security and want more control

  • Looking for a solid business investment that grows alongside their full-time job or career

  • Looking for lucrative, multi-unit growth options to add to their existing business portfolios

  • Or somewhere in between!

Learn a Little More About Franchoice, an Amazing Company with whom I proudly associate

Who Is Franchoice? 

Franchoice is the leader in franchise consulting. By associating with a fantastic team of professionals,  I can continually provide great results for my franchise candidates.

Well Known and Respected

Over the years we have made introductions that have resulted in tens of thousands of placed franchisees. Best of all, the entire process is free to YOU, the candidate since FranChoice is paid by franchisors to provide this service and find them the perfect franchisee.

The Vision

The vision that started FranChoice has continued to develop and grow. At FranChoice it is truly all about choice. Frustration becomes relief as we focus on only those franchise systems that might provide each candidate the opportunity to achieve their dreams. The vision has become a reality!

Ready to find out if owning a franchise is right for you?
Call my desk directly, (614) 595-3726 (FRAN), or click below to schedule a short call.

Most people combine personal experience or interest with something they heard or read, they throw in Google queries and many assumptions, and then months later they feel frustrated and disappointed having wasted a lot of time and energy to learn only what they don’t want or can’t have. Many lucrative franchisors don’t market publicly for franchisees because magazine PR and the internet don’t attract their best owners!

The franchises most suitable to your skills, investment, lifestyle and goals won’t be obvious to you, and they won’t call you out of the blue. You’ll find yourself chasing profit and operations information that is hidden, difficult to obtain, or is unaudited. My candidates quickly find honest answers without these frustrations… Is that what you’re trying to do?

If so, I can be reached at (614) 595-3726 (FRAN)