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Since 1988 I have been a franchisee,  franchise executive,  and franchise consultant matching individuals to the right franchise opportunities for them, and coaching them through an effective, efficient, and esoteric due diligence process to reach conclusions without remorse.  Some of my candidates are serial entrepreneurs, but most are people who’ve had jobs and careers and are considering franchising as an option for various personal reasons with either full-time or part-time involvement in mind.

I’ve found that a short conversation will quickly tell us both if we should schedule a longer conversation or not. I’ve placed more than 500 franchisees in nearly all 50 states. My service is nationwide, FREE, and without obligation.

When we work together I GUARANTEE 1 of 3 things will happen:

  1. You will learn that franchising is not right for you, at least for now, or
  2. I’ll share with you any red flags that might preclude you from being awarded a franchise or which make it more difficult for you to achieve your objectives through franchising, or
  3. We will uncover THE franchise that can be the catalyst for you to achieve your specific goals.

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